Soft Computing Techniques for Environmental Conditions Analysis

In recent years, issues like climate change and air quality are of great concern in our society. The different Soft Computing techniques are a useful tool to analyze or predict several aspects related to air quality or to the climatology state. This special session aims to increase the understanding and use of Soft Computing Techniques in the environmental sciences while exposing interdisciplinary researchers to the wide range of open problems in the environmental sciences.

This session will establish a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent trends in the area of Soft Computing paradigms for Environmental Conditions prediction, analysis and visualization.

  1. Angel Arroyo. Department of Civil Engineering, University of Burgos (Spain)
  2. Verónica Tricio. Department of Physics, University of Burgos, Burgos (Spain)
  3. Emilio Corchado. Department of Computer Science and Automatic, University of Salamanca (Spain)


    Angel Arroyo
    Department of Civil Engineering
    University of Burgos
    cFrancisco de Vitoria s/n 09006
    Burgos, Spain
    Phone: +34 947 258989

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